Thursday, January 08, 2009


I'm trying to get over a rhinovirus or allergies or something. Almost a week now. Yikes. But brandy I have found is helpful with the sinuses. As is a combination of nasal decongestant (they're all the same), Benadryl, Flonase, and Pseudoephedrine.

I find the cold/allergy aisle to be absolutely stultifying. Not only are there hundreds of brands for the same basic problems, but there are dozens of variations on each brand, each as indecipherable as the next. All of this for cold/sinus/allergy problems that even doctors can't reliably differentiate in person. Then, what's even worse, if you read the ingredients in every single brand, it's the same 3 or 4 basic ingredients just in different combinations or amounts: Phenylephrine (nasal decongestant), Diphendhydramine (antihistamine), and Ibuprofen. That's it really, in all of them. ALL.

The secret behind Nyquil for knocking you out? Benadryl. 25mg.

Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) is actually what most "non-habit forming" sleeping pills are. That's it. Read the label.

Cepacol lozenges are fun because it contains 2 ingredients: Benzocaine (sounds good right?), and Menthol. The Menthol is listed as an "oral analgesic" but the Benzocaine is listed as an "oral anaesthetic," like it puts your mouth to sleep. Like tasting cocaine. Whatever, it works.

I am starting to feel better this evening, so hopefully I will have the clarity of mind to return to real estate and economics blogging very soon.