Sunday, December 21, 2008

Everyone Thinks Real Estate Agents Are Stupid

Even other real estate agents.

Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the crooked stuff we see in the market. The lowest of the low operate completely under the radar... until you're unfortunate enough to find yourself or your clients up against them (luckily we're well prepared to deal with them).

But others just like to spam email and prey on amateur, part-time, ill-informed, or just plain "dim" agents across the nation, many of whom really need a break right now.

One example from our Spam Box (75% of our email volume is spam), from entitled "Big Costly Realtor Mistake" (I can already smell the money):
Hi Nicholas,
This drives me crazy. And I see it all the time.
And if you do this, it's costing you a freakin'
fortune in opportunities that's slipped through
your fingers.

You can cut to the chase and click here to hear me out:


But, if not, here's what I'm so frustrated with:

People get a dent or two in their credit ... maybe
even a big one ... and they start to believe they
can't run with the pack.

Or they run out of money. And believe that they can't
do a thing as a Realtor or a real estate investor
without a decent bankroll.

I've heard it enough times to make me sick at heart:
"I can't do anything without enough for marketing,
or at least a small down payment. And my credit's

So they take themselves out of the game. They get
in a downer. Especially if they get one or two
doors closed in their face.

They feel that they can't compete with other Realtors
and Investors who are finding a flipping pre-foreclosures
for big time money.

Pardon me while I blast through that pile of crap.

Here's the facts:

*You don't need to do ANY marketing if you do what
we've been doing. And it works. We get enough business
to turn it away or refer it out ... without a dime
in advertising

*Bankers, etc. almost EXPECT credit issues today. If
anything, they are realistic. And they've lowered
their demands considerably in this climate.

*That said, there are still a few overly conservative
money people with a board up their butt. (If you've got
a door slammed in your face, you've met one.) But for
every one of those, there are two more who will welcome
you in, IF you know the "secret code."

And that's one of the things we've been showing in our
fr'ee wildly popular webinar held this Saturday at 2 PM:


Look, it don't mean Jack if your credit score is 300,
your car's being repo'd, your house is being auctioned,
and you're moving back home with mom and dad.

We've had students beyond count who've gotten moving,
without a nickle to their name, and credit that would
embarrass a 3rd world refugee.

You need to know this - they've used our secrets to start
generating an income fast.

And if you think you can't do that, like they are somehow
"special," then you sure as heck didn't meet them
when we did ;-)

It's actually kind of funny ... every time we see another
one start cranking out the sales, they become more than
students. They actually become fans.

My biggest job then becomes to make sure they know that
all it took was the right knowledge, and the ability for
THEM to decide to take action.

Decide to take action now, and see what they learned ...
it won't cost you a cent this Saturday at 2 PM EST:




P.S.: Have you seen the latest ShortSalesRiches fan? Check
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And here's the great part. If you click the register link, you get this message (I know, I know, I clicked, but I was curious and cautious):
Chris McLaughlin, the 6th largest broker in Florida, and Nathan Jurewicz, a street savvy real estate investor, will discuss how you can make more money now than ever before ... in this economy! And we'll show you why a recession is actually GOOD for real estate investors!
Really! Recessions are GOOD for real estate! [/snark]

It's sad, but I bet these guys make a small fortune off people down on their luck before they get forced out of the industry. Is it any wonder how real estate got so out of control with freaks like this still out looking for prey?

Merry Christmas!